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Tigers have disappeared from 40% of their range in just the last ten years.



Three of the eight subspecies of Tigers have already become extinct, and the other populations are at very high risk. Today there could be as few as 1500 wild tigers left in India.



20% of the world’s total population live in or near the range of Asia’s elephants.



Did you know that India has the ‘Big Six’? Elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino and tiger.



There are infact 29 Project Tiger reserves in India.



Only 4.5% of the India’s geographical area is protected, much less than is required to ensure ecological security for its future. The aim is 10%.



The Indian Forests are a home to about 17,000 flowering plants and over 8,100 faunal species.

Best Viewed 1024 * 768 Photo credit :- Mr. Les Halpin,Mr.Yuwaraj Gurjar & Mr.Kamaal