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Visitors to India’s wild places will help to conserve the natural environment and assure their safe and enjoyable stay by following these simple rules:


Do not disturb wildlife or ask your guiding staff, mahout or driver to get you closer than is necessary or advisable to wild animals. Off road driving is illegal in the parks.


Make as little noise as possible when in park areas, especially while watching wildlife.


Avoid litter at all times


Use water sparingly and do not pollute with harmful detergents.


Turn down or switch off your lights, air conditioning or heating when leaving your room to go into the park.


Ask for and experience other activities offered by the lodge, including walking trails, bike rides, village visits or overnight camping.


Dress appropriately and in subdued colours when wildlife watching.


Do not be intrusive when taking photographs and always ask permission.


Endeavour to learn a few key phrases of the language of your hosts. It’ll make everyone smile!


Do not buy, collect or trade in wildlife products. It is frequently illegal and can lead to prosecution.


Adhere to national and local regulations both inside and outside protected areas.


Your park guide is local and knowledgeable. Please ensure your driver obeys him, as he is enforcing the park laws.

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